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Barbone St.Albans prides itself in giving a great customer experience to everyone. We have created a strong team of barber's who are well rounded individuals that a capable of working effortlessly in our gender neutral salon. We have included a bespoke product range specifically designed for our barbers to give the best after care to our clients.

What's BARBONE? It was our founders gamer tag! Why? Well being of Italian heritage and having a big beard his friends gifted him the nickname. 

Pronunciation - /barˈbo.ne/ 

Noun - Augmentative of barba (“full beard; thick beard”) - (by extension) vagrant synonyms - Synonyms: clochardvagabondo

Stare at BARBONE long enough and you'll see where the term "barber" originates from. 


- About us -

Ben Morrison

Ben is an exceptionally skilled individual with extensive experience and remarkable talent.
He has showcased his abilities on the grandest stages of the UK's hair shows and has proudly served as a member of the esteemed Wahl artistic team. As one of our creative leads, Ben inspires and guides the team, driving us to constantly strive for new heights of excellence.

James Dockree

With a rich background in hairdressing, James has seamlessly transitioned into the world of barbering, establishing himself as an exciting prospect in our eyes.

Continuously expanding his skill set, James has evolved into a well-rounded specialist.

Recently assuming a managerial position, he is determined to capitalize on his recent achievements and further advance his career.

Sam Campagna

Sam is a seasoned industry professional with 25 years of experience. With a background in global education, he has made significant contributions to professional stages and class room alike. His valuable skills have become a driving force for our team, establishing a new standard for excellence. 

Liam Murphy

Liam has been Barbering for 6 years, quickly advancing to senior barber. known for his  exceptional skills and attention to detail. Liam brings the same dedication and precision to barbering as he does in the boxing gym. His passion for both crafts has earned him a reputation for delivering knockout cuts and styles. 



Catherine Street

St Abans





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